Sony Enters The TV Streaming World Competing with Apple, Roku and Boxee

Following on the heals of Apple TV, Roku and Boxee Sony has revealed autumn launch dates for its PlayStation TV in the US, UK, and Europe.

Available in Japan since last year, the micro-console is the firm’s efforts to take on other streaming television consoles.

This is more interesting for us at Biz To Biz TV and our Group Company Guvnor Media as this is one of the routes we use to broadcast and shows the change in TV viewing moving to scheduled and on demand services.

Playstation TV vs Apple TVGuvnor Media which include the Guvnor Films Channel will be broadcasting Films, Sitcom’s and documentaries from September onwards all of which will be available on these platforms and more.

Biz To Biz TV ( ) is continuing to broadcast and will be split into more shows in September including the Bizness show itself a business magazine show, Bizness Lifestyles about the world of business from business cloths to tech through to how to approach interviews body language etc. Add to that “World of Tomorrow” an exciting show about what’s coming down the line in the next few years in terms of technology, services, medicines etc. The show will also including interviews with the likes of Richard Parry-Jones the Chairman of Network Rail and the Automotive Council to see where he thinks the world is heading.

Finally we will have our syndicated business news, we already have a reach approaching 80,000 viewers and with our recently announced Media Partnership with Business Scene we will be reaching even more business viewers. We also like to think Scene TV will also be improving too with our input.

All of this will be available on the Playstation TV however unlike Apple TV, Roku and Boxee Sony’s offering will allow gamers access to PlayStation games.

Sony said consoles will go on sale in the US on 14 October and in the UK on 14 November.

They will cost $99 (£59) in the US and 99 euros (£78) in Europe, and will include three games. The UK price has not yet been announced.

The console will allow users access to Sony’s games library via Remote Play, and it will also offer access to third-party applications like Netflix, who use the same business model as Biz To Biz TV and our other stations as on demand services viewed down the internet.

In the US, it will also offer access to Sony’s game-streaming service, PlayStation Now, which will be coming to Europe and the UK in 2015.Playstation TV

Sony has previously announced the existence of the PlayStation TV at various events.

“This TV could be a proper streaming device, one that could compete well with the other ones that are out there – the Apple, Roku, even things like Amazon FireTV,” Brian Blau, research director of consumer technology at Gartner.

“It’s not the most robust streaming service and it’s not the most robust gaming device but it’s enough of both for the price,” he added.

The announcement was made during the PlayStation press conference at the Gamescom trade fair in Cologne in Germany, where Sony also announced it had sold 10 million PlayStation 4 consoles, better than rival Microsoft’s Xbox One.


Sourced Edited and Commented by Ewart Dudko-Richardson

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